The Riddler is clever. His three, signature tendencies are as follows:

  • Displaying sympathetic understanding or insight
  • Grasping obscure concepts
  • Forming connections between unrelated ideas

The Riddler’s baseline combines the following:

  • Sympathy for life and property
  • Accurate predictions based upon marginal ranges
  • A firm grasp of one-to-one ratios


Kim has been working in an industry that makes her good money. She has been offered a promotion that comes with a bonus she could use, a generous pay raise that would be nice, and benefits that have not been offered to her until now. All she has to do is sign the contract tomorrow morning.

The only problem is that Kim is a Riddler. She is flattered at the chance of promotion which she has been angling for these last fourteen years. She’s always dreamt of being in middle management, because secretly she has always wanted to start her own business but felt she did not grasp the ins and outs of management. Kim has actually been having a hard time getting to sleep lately, because she is excited about her new venture and is nervous that something might derail it. She’s been purchasing books on management, picking the brains of friends who are in management, and quite honestly seems interested with nothing else. Signing away the next five years of her life hasn’t even registered with her yet. Se knows what she wants and is intent to get it even to the detriment of a well-thought through strategy for the next five years. Her obsession with securing this middle management position has her in danger of being content with the same job five years from now. Why does she have to be so obsessed?

According to TraitMarker, there are over 18 different ways Kim is likely to use the management position should she get it. Right now, Kim’s dominant strain has a one-track mind and is effectively blocking the supportive and reserve strains of her traitMark. Notice that Kim’s considerations do not involve whether or not her promotion will put her in a position to move up in the company or even whether or not it relates to an actual business she is considering. That’s because Kim’s dominant tendency turns a simple infatuation into a life work. Kim is likely to find herself in middle management for the rest of her career if she does not find a greater purpose for taking a middle management position.